White Heather



We at White Heather are a small family owned business comprised of Mother & Daughter located in Rockhampton/Yeppoon. Making All-Natural Products for the well-being of our family has blossomed from a hobby to a passion and now into a very much loved business. We source as many ingredients as we can locally, laugh a lot and believe strongly in supporting our local community.


Absolutely all of our products are handmade, in a home kitchen by an actual lovely mother with a wooden spoon and a bowl or two. Amazing, huh? At White Heather we mix, package and sprinkle love on all of our products - we even hand tie the labels! There's no factory, no mass production. Just a Mum and her Daughter whipping up a storm having a laugh or two. You can be assured that each and every product that leaves us has been taken care of and handmade with love.


Sometimes we need a little self-loving, a little healing, a little relaxation. Whatever your woes, if you have a little faith in us, we can help you achieve this. Through our wide range of products and our pure ingredients, our aim and our promise to you is to do our best at helping you heal, nourish and relax your mind, body and soul. At White Heather we are qualified in Aromatherapy and have a solid understanding of all ingredients that we use. If you need advice on what would be best for you or have any questions big or small, please get in contact with us! We really do love hearing from you, not only to ensure our promise to you is fulfilled but to have a chat of course!


When I was a young girl, my twin sister and I went to pony club together every weekend. We would spend all morning riding and enjoying the country air. I would be the first to have my lesson and my sister Narelle would follow – giving me a lot of time to wonder and explore while I waited until she was done. One day, as I rode close to the neighbour’s property I noticed smoke coming from behind a large tree. This wasn’t anything to be alarmed about as a lot of properties lit fires however I noticed each week the same smoke was there, billowing from the same spot. My curiosity got the better of me and one Saturday after class I jumped the wire fence and went to investigate. I was surprised with what I found - an elderly woman sitting under the tree, poking a pot amongst the ashes. Immediately I asked what she was doing and found that she was extremely friendly – she went on to explain that she was cooking soap. Cooking soap?! Who knew that you cooked soap? It was there under the shade of that tree that I found my love for cooking. Week after week I learnt how to be patient, the importance of good measure, correct consistency and most of all to be persistent and never let the pot get the better of you. She taught me that nature has an answer and a remedy for all things in life – medicinal and emotional – and that we need to treat our body, mind and soul with care and respect. After a lot of lessons at pony club, some sweat, laughter and ashy soap, my time under that shady tree came to an end. I made a promise that day not only to myself but to my new friend – that I would cook my own soap one day. My mother - Heather White - would always teach me how to do things naturally if I wanted to clean anything or make a recipe and my passion for keeping things chemical free blossomed from there. For the past 20 years I have been working on my own recipes. It has taken a lot of time, effort and persistence but I am glad to finally be able to share the love for my product with the world in the name of White Heather. Not only a new business for myself but for my family, I share this new venture with my mother – Heather White - and my daughter Celeste. I hope you enjoy my products as much as my family have.


"The Cook"